Microlearning: the modern strategy for today's workplace

Microlearning is a modern, effective approach to workplace learning that offers employees single-concept, multi-media lessons within the flow of their work

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Modern learning that employees actually like

Drive your business with relevant, right-now learning, made for real people.

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Experience our Sexual Harassment lessons for free

We are introducing a new paradigm for what sexual harassment training should be. More than just a check-the-box exercise, it’s a catalyst for meaningful change.

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With Grovo, you’ll be able to:

meet your
L&D goals

We make it easy to find, create and deliver effective Microlearning® experiences, allowing resource-constrained teams to grow quickly in a cost-effective way.


Simply put, employees like Grovo. You can trust us to provide relevant, actionable, and digestible lessons resulting in higher adoption, engagement and lesson completion.


With Grovo, you can expect faster onboarding, higher retention, better cross-functional collaboration, and improved team performance.

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Craig Condon Siegal, Vice President of Enablement at Bit.ly

A living,
breathing library

Our Microlearning® library is timeless and timely, constant and current, evergreen and— sorry, sometimes our library makes us wax poetic. We’re always creating new content on relevant topics, while also refreshing our existing stuff to stay ahead of the curve.

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Curate, customize,
and create

We’ve got 2,000+ Microlearning® lessons at the ready. You can take them as-is off-the-shelf, tailor them to your needs, or create new ones from scratch using our best practice lesson templates.

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Wendy Laverty, Manager of Leadership and Development at UGI Utilities

We needed to reinvent and reimagine learning.
And we need to provide learning at the point of need. Grovo does just that.

Wendy Laverty, Manager of Leadership and Development at UGI Utilities

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