Meet the tiny learning innovation with a big impact, pioneered by Grovo

Business is changing faster than ever

Digital technology is transforming the way we work, new generations are sweeping into the workforce with new expectations, and there’s an explosion of knowledge today’s employees need to succeed.

9/10 executives agree

9/10 of executives believe their organizations are not learning fast enough.

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Traditional training can’t keep up

Today’s employees check their phones 150 times a day, but only have 1% of their workweek— about 24 minutes—to learn. Businesses need a faster way to get the right learning to their people, the moment they need it. 

Microlearning helps your people keep pace

Microlearning is the fastest, most effective way for today's employees to learn. Bite-sized, attention-grabbing lessons are easy to access and apply—right in the workflow. Plus, micro content is fast and affordable to create. That means your learning program will keep up with business priorities, no matter how fast things change.

Microlearning is better for learners and trainers

  • 58% more engaging 58% more engaging
  • 300% Faster to develop
300% Faster to develop
  • 97% Of assignments get completed
97% Of assignments get completed

A formula that works

At Grovo, “microlearning” doesn’t just mean short lessons. Grovo’s microlearning method uses rich media, technology, and brain science to quickly capture attention and make learning stick.

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Bite Sized
Each lesson is just a few minutes

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Attention Grabbing
Immersive bursts of media like video, gifs, and quizzes engage learners

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Behavior Based
Lessons teach key behaviors that impact performance

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Science Backed

Knowledge is reintroduced at spaced intervals to fight the forgetting curve

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Point of Need

Learners can access lessons right when they need them, from any device

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Lessons are triggered based on individual career milestones

Josh Bersin

Bersin by Deloitte

Why is microlearning content so important? Quite simply because the way we work has radically changed. We are constantly bombarded by distractions.

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