Introducing The Next Generation of Grovo

The fast, engaging way to keep your workforce up to speed

Introducing The Next Generation of Grovo

Old school training can’t keep up with the new world of work. Get your people the know-how they need, faster, with the newest release of Grovo's award-winning microlearning platform.

Grovo makes learning faster, easier, and more engaging for these great companies

An engaging online learning experience

Our card-based learning experience is as intuitive and addictive as the apps your learners know and love. It’s personalized, immersive, and looks amazing on any device.

Chris Zoloth

Director of Customer Experience Optimization


With Grovo, the impact on engagement is amazing. It’s changed the way we think about getting our people trained.

An award-winning microlearning library

Our off-the-shelf library includes thousands of engaging micro lessons on critical business topics. Each lesson is crafted by our in-house team of instructional designers and content producers—and is instantly customizable using our content creator.

Dan Leavitt

Director of Learning & Development

Gap Inc.

Grovo is like a secret weapon. It offers endless opportunities to link microlearning to key learning initiatives.

An easy-to-use microlearning content creator

With our all-new microlearning content creator, it’s quick and easy for anyone at your org to create, customize, and share beautiful and effective microlearning lessons in minutes. 

Sandy Ali

Chief Talent Officer


Grovo’s microlearning approach matches the pace of how we do business today.

A platform that makes your life easier

Pre-plan and automate your learning programs, seamlessly integrate with your HR tech stack, and get instant insights into learner performance—freeing you up to do more of what matters.

See how Grovo can help you
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