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Lessons developed using Grovo’s proven microlearning method are now publicly available at

January 24, 2017 - NEW YORK- In order to give every organization the opportunity to build a more inclusive culture in 2017, Grovo, the innovator in workplace learning, today released the first microlearning curriculum on unconscious bias, developed in partnership with leading experts on diversity as well as stakeholders directly responsible for driving change within their organizations. For the first time, Grovo will be making these lessons publicly accessible for free at, as well as through the company’s proprietary learning platform.

The new content enables learners to examine and address unconscious bias--the latent prejudices and predispositions that affect thinking, behavior, and decision making--in order to minimize its impact in the workplace. Acknowledging and confronting unconscious bias can result in increased diversity and creativity, improved culture and morale, and better employee retention.

Bersin by Deloitte, a leading research and advisory services firm, has noted that “companies that embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business statistically outperform their peers.” These companies have 2.3 times higher cash flow per employee over a three-year period, and are nearly twice as likely to be change-ready and innovation leaders in their market. As many companies in the United States strive to create a more diverse workplace, the reality is that fewer than 20 percent of these organizations offer education and training about unconscious bias to their employees.

“Diversity is an important metric for any modern business, and it starts with addressing unconscious bias,” said Jeff Fernandez, Cofounder & CEO, Grovo. “The fact that fewer than 20 percent of companies in the US are investing in unconscious bias is striking. Grovo is committed to bringing this issue front and center in the workplace, and beyond, by making it as easy as possible to access our unconscious bias content, developed using Grovo’s proven microlearning method. We hope that innovators, leaders and changemakers within organizations will take advantage of this free premium content to enhance their workplace environment and inclusion programs.”

In developing the Unconscious Bias module content and learning curriculum, Grovo conducted extensive external research and consulted with leading industry experts, including:

  • Holly Brittingham, SVP, Global Talent & Org Development at FCB Global
  • Corey Flournoy, VP, Associate Director, Global Talent Development at FCB Global
  • Ernie Aguilar, Consultant and Career Expert on Bias, Diversity and Culture

"If you’re human, you’re biased. This has wide-ranging implications. At FCB, we’ve used education about unconscious bias to focus on developing an inclusive culture, and to examine our responsibility as marketers in shaping messages that influence broader society. We’re thrilled to help Grovo bring this critical content to a wider audience,” said Holly Brittingham, SVP, global talent & org development at advertising agency, FCB Global.

Grovo’s in-house team of instructional designers, technologists, storytellers, and producers engineered the new unconscious bias training using the Grovo Method, a unique learning framework focused on transforming employee behavior. The heart of the method is microlearning - digestible, bite-sized lessons that blend video, assessments, and realistic practice to spark aha moments. Through these small, focused steps, employees develop the skills and habits they need to succeed.

Lessons within Grovo’s Unconscious Bias learning module address questions and issues around why it’s hard to talk about bias, the science of bias, the impact of bias on decision making, what it takes to change our actions, how to keep bias from influencing work, and more.

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