24 Seven



As 24 Seven’s Training Manager, Vanessa Sandoval is responsible for getting new hires up to speed as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the onboarding process was taking too long. “We wanted employees to be familiar with the business and who we are as a company. But our turnaround time was not as short as we wanted it to be.” Sandoval needed a solution that would not only accelerate the onboarding process, but enable a blended learning approach in twelve different office locations.


Sandoval met with Grovo after hearing rave reviews from L&D colleagues. It was a perfect fit. “Aside from recognizing that they understood our culture, the Grovo team was transparent and accommodating with timeline and expectations,” she said. “After seeing a few sample videos, I felt the product was crisp and professional, while still being very engaging.” 24 Seven leveraged Grovo’s Content-as-a-Service offering to translate their existing onboarding materials into custom 90-second microlearning videos.


Grovo’s videos quickly became the most popular component of 24 Seven’s blended learning program. “Our learners love it. This content is making people attracted to the idea of training. It’s on-demand—they can access it from home or in the cab on the way to work. It’s meeting their needs instead of forcing them through training.” Some of the partnership’s early results have been:

  • Engaged users. Employees are consuming video training material in record time—and asking for more.
  • Happy management. High engagement and quick turnaround has made the content a hit with managers.
  • Aligned culture. The Content-as-a-Service process has made 24 Seven’s messaging consistent across all twelve locations.