Alarm New England



For 40 years, Alarm New England had built and sold industry-leading security solutions to clients in three states. But despite knowing the ins and outs of hi-tech security solutions, many of the company’s 100 employees had fallen far behind on other digital skills. “If someone was asked to create a desktop folder on their computer, they had no idea how to do that,” said Central Station Manager Caryn Morgan.

“I have been working to go paperless, but people are married to their old ways,” said Central Station Manager Caryn Morgan. After attending a Grovo microlearning webinar, the company signed up to train 120 employees in September 2014.


Grovo helped the company plan out a training curriculum for an entire year. Microlearning was a particularly emphasized component of the program. Morgan had previously worked at a software company where she designed a training program using lessons 5 to 6 minutes in length, and she appreciated Grovo’s even shorter microlearning.

“Sometimes the most difficult part is in applying the skills that are learned,” said Morgan. So she follows up with those who have taken Grovo training to find out how they’ve applied that learning.


  • Employees consumed content so fast, they completed a year’s curriculum in 6 months
  • Many could feel it working immediately: team members began using new skills right after learning them
  • High usage of Gmail tutorials resulted in improved email efficiency