DDB Worldwide



At DDB Worldwide, online learning was originally adopted as a way to train people in digital skills. However, over time DDB realized that their current offering was no longer working. The talent landscape of DDB had drastically changed and long-form videos pushed down from corporate had become ineffective. Nearly 50% of employees were millennials already up to speed with basic digital skills, but anxious for broader learning resources. DDB needed to get useful content to the right people and rekindle excitement around learning throughout the company’s 90 agencies.


DDB found a scalable, learner-first solution with full account support at Grovo. With Grovo’s help, the company launched a decentralized learning program around career development. Content is a blend of Grovo’s microlearning library and DDB’s proprietary materials, both focused on trending topics in the industry, leadership development, as well as digital skills.


Employees responded to Grovo’s 60-second microlearning videos and easy-to-use platform with a measurable lift in engagement. Moreover, the initiative created a significant burst of energy and enthusiasm among HR staff and key L&D players that continues today. For the first time, DDB’s local talent and business leads have the autonomy to manage learning at their specific office. They can finally upload, assign and report on the content that’s most valuable to their teams. By making learning real time, it is now more relevant, immediately actionable, and impactful to the business.

  • 9000 users in 90 agencies across 38 countries
  • DDB plans to expand Grovo’s presence throughout the organization, from onboarding programs that “align hundreds of offices and make them feel part of the DDB universe,” to developing educational content around DDB’s rich history, vision, and values.
  • With Grovo, DDB is developing a sustainable, blended learning approach that reinforces traditional in-person learning experiences.