InterContinental Hotels Group



At IHG, customer service reigns supreme. But the kind of service their customers need is evolving—and fast. Since IHG's customers can book rooms and handle other basic tasks online, the incoming service requests are getting increasingly complicated, requiring greater knowledge, creativity, and communication skills from reps to solve. IHG recognized the need for a more sophisticated approach to training that would better empower reps to deliver the world-class customer service for which the company is known.


Together with Grovo, IHG gave their training program a complete 21st century upgrade. Instead of relying on periodic classroom training alone, IHG used Grovo's intuitive learning platform to deliver short, compelling microlearning lessons to reps they could access on any device. In addition to assigning digital and soft skills training from Grovo's microlearning library, IHG worked with Grovo's production team to create custom microlearning lessons on loyalty initiatives unique to IHG. Individual training managers were granted access to the platform and approved content so they could freely create, assign, and track their own trainings at will.


The launch was a resounding success. Not only are reps happily making time to engage with the bite-sized training, but the ease of using Grovo has also inspired IHG's training managers to take a more proactive role in promoting the company's learning culture. Overall, Grovo has enabled the company to adopt a faster, more nimble, and more effective approach to training that’s helping them keep pace with what IHG's business needs today, and prepare for whatever it may need tomorrow.

  • High engagement: Within two days of launch, learners in 5 countries around the world over 5,500 lessons, with activation and engagement steadily increasing day over day.
  • Greater efficiency: IHG cut onboarding time from 5 weeks to 2 weeks, getting reps back on the phones faster and saving the company time and money.
  • Better scores: IHG reports better scores from newly hired staff, as well as a rise in scores among existing staff for the training they’ve released with Grovo.