Mesilla Valley Transportation



MVT’s training tools weren’t allowing them to keep up with the lightning fast pace and high turnover of the trucking industry. Engaging employees with long classroom sessions was difficult and their online learning solution wasn’t as fast, flexible, or stable as they needed it to be. They were looking for a partner to help them take their program to the next level.


MVT was drawn to Grovo’s unique combination of microlearning, intuitive technology, and dedicated service. With Grovo’s strategic guidance, MVT blended proprietary driver training materials with professional development content from Grovo’s library—right on the Grovo platform. Admins could easily assign and track content, and employees got a chance to experience Grovo’s quick, bite-sized microlearning lessons.


The program was an instant success. Employees loved the speed and ease of microlearning, and MVT’s training staff reported a huge uptick in retention (read: people were actually learning) and a decrease in repeat training. Fewer drivers were pulled off the road to train, which brought more money to MVT’s bottom line. Overall, MVT’s partnership with Grovo resulted in:

  • Comprehensive coverage. Topics included compliance, driver training, soft skills, and digital literacy.
  • High engagement. Average of over 3,500 material views each week across 295 active users— approximately 13 views per week per learner.
  • Money saved. MVT estimates $900 saved per driver.