Each month, ReachLocal hires 40 new salespeople across the United States and Canada and conducts a training event for them in Dallas. Although many of ReachLocal’s new hires had extensive backgrounds in traditional advertising media, they lacked the in-depth knowledge of Internet advertising needed to sell ReachLocal’s services.

The company wanted to close the knowledge gap between salespeople who were already highly knowledgeable about online advertising and those who lacked baseline knowledge. The company hosted in-person training events, but training managers expressed concerns about whether participants were able to absorb and retain all of the information presented.


Using Grovo’s platform, ReachLocal created a training package covering the fundamentals of its company’s training needs. It was able to administer learning to existing employees as well as new hires, on topics ranging from fundamentals of digital advertising to granular PPC and SEO lessons.

New hires watched Grovo videos and took assessments prior to training events. Priming the content radically shortened the learning curve for job-essential information.

“Grovo has something to offer everyone—from new hires to seasoned veterans,” said Manager of Training Analytics and Logistics Andrea Thompson. “This is what makes Grovo so valuable.”


  • The average team member watched 98 lessons and took 140 assessments in the first month of training
  • Increased speed and ease of training new hires
  • Higher retention of critical sales skills and constant access to up-to-date content

Grovo truly is an end-to-end solution that has met, and in many ways exceeded, all of our needs and expectations.

Andrea Thompson

Manager of Training Analytics and Logistics