SurveyMonkey employees are required to undergo onboarding training to gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s services. But as the team grows, one­on­one training for new hires has become increasingly difficult to execute efficiently.


“Shorter is Better.” After experimenting with small­scale instructional video production in­-house, SurveyMonkey chose to partner with Grovo because of its rapid content development. “The speed of Grovo is what impresses me most,” says Marketing Programs Manager Sheila Grady. “We can tell the Grovo team about a product change or a video that we need in another language, and within days the content is updated, ready to go, and ready to be shared.”

“I love the Grovo philosophy of video production: shorter is better. I’ve seen a lot of websites that have 15­ or 20-­minute product demonstrations, which consumers simply won’t sit through.”


  • Grovo’s videos have become crucial assets for the customer support team
  • Employees can now more efficiently and easily learn more about SurveyMonkey’s platform
  • SurveyMonkey customers watch an average of 7,000 Grovo videos per week