In the world of social media, things move fast—and as a high-growth start up, so does Unified. A recent 50-person hiring round increased staffing by 60%, which meant personalized orientations, one-on-one meetings, and simple PowerPoint decks couldn’t keep up. With all this rapid growth, Unified needed an onboarding solution that made it fast and simple to get new hires up to speed. At the same time, they wanted engaging content that fit their company culture and vibe.


Ethan Horne, Unified’s L&D lead was attracted to Grovo’s massive, high-quality microlearning library. As a social media company, training on social media was a given, but assigning additional Grovo lessons on digital skills and productivity has helped Unified boost efficiency from the moment an employee walks through the door. “Learning things like Gmail shortcuts made our employees quicker at their jobs,” says Horne. Best of all, he’s confident Grovo will help them stay current with continually refreshed content. “In a space that’s rapidly changing, the ability to update information is very easy with Grovo.”


Unified’s resulting learning program has revolutionized their employee onboarding process. “Onboarding is a better experience for all now,” says Horne. So far the partnership has yielded:

  • Time Savings: a more efficient, streamlined onboarding system for their now 130+ employees
  • Ready-made success: training consisting of 90% already-produced microlearning videos from Grovo’s expansive library
  • Glowing Reviews: positive user feedback from over 180 hours of training completed
  • Plans to Expand: soon to include career development for all employees, as well as customer education